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G(irls)20 Bootcamp for Brains: Preparing Girls for Leadership

Earlier this year, Scout Public Affairs began exploring an opportunity to provide communications training for a new program initiated by G(irls)20, called Bootcamp for Brains which is set to launch its inaugural session this summer in Ottawa. Bootcamp for Brains is a one week long leadership program for young girls aged 15-17 years old and aims to equip these girls with unique skills, not offered through most school systems, by preparing them for leadership roles through practical learning and mentorships.
On International Women’s Day, there was plenty of talk about the need for more women in leadership positions and some companies even introduced thresholds to help bolster those numbers, but few talked about meaningful solutions focused on developing young girls into experienced leaders. The challenge with setting goals or thresholds for companies and boards to meet as the primary means to balance out numbers leaves the core issue unaddressed – not enough women are trained, nurtured, mentored and prepared for leadership roles.
Bootcamp for Brains is a prime example of how to fill the pipeline with young leaders ready to learn, gain experience and grow into more and more senior leadership roles as their career progresses. The vision Farah Mohamed, the founder of G(irls)20, had when she created Bootcamp for Brains was to help place the older participants on community based boards of directors to take what they learned at Bootcamp and apply it in their communities.
My business partner and I were not only inspired by, but whole-heartedly believe in Farah’s vision for Bootcamp and couldn’t be more proud to be involved in the program. Scout will work with the girls this summer in Ottawa by providing the communications training for the program, and we also signed on to continue to mentor one of the participants to provide a steady source of advice and support for these future leaders.
If you want to learn more about G(irls)20 and Bootcamp for Brains or find out how you can contribute to this amazing initiative, check out their website!