Scout Partners in Magnetic North

This spring, we’re celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of Scout Public Affairs Inc. And we’re excited to share that this year marks another monumental development building on and enhancing our business – we have partnered in collaboration of agencies with national reach, together called Magnetic North. 

While Scout continues to thrive, we continue to seek new models for delivering our unique expertise to clients, to innovate new ways to reach clients and collaborate with like-minded firms – and this is what motivated us to act.

What is Magnetic North?

Unlike traditional firms, the new collaborative agency offers customized, purpose-built teams specific to client needs. This approach allows the client to gain access to a truly integrated service offering via a broad range of industry experts.  And because of our ability to scale quickly and offer a high level of flexibility, there’s greater efficiency for the client.

Why Partner in a National Firm?

We like a challenge. As partners, we have the opportunity to collaborate with other senior professionals to create smart, multifaceted strategies for large clients with potentially more complex challenges. In turn, clients like the notion of being able to access national talent with teams that can expand and contract with any given project - and the opportunity to work with the principals of each firm, rather than junior staff. 

What does this partnership mean for Scout Public Affairs Inc.?

Scout Public Affairs Inc. is our core business and the creation of our combined hard work and creativity. And as born entrepreneurs with an innovative approach to business, we see Magnetic North as a way to build on our foundation, offering our expertise in a new way.  Partnering in Magnetic North in our view is more not less when it comes to Scout’s future. 

Learn more about Scout’s new venture - Magnetic North

Scout would like to formally invite you to learn more about Magnetic North, led by industry experts who are drawn together by common values and a commitment to achieving outstanding results through a creative and collaborative process.  Our team is invested in elevating our collective performance and helping our clients go somewhere good.If you think someone in your network would appreciate being introduced to us, please share the news!