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Public Relations

Media relations are important and knowing how to work with the media to reach your customer is a powerful skill. However, true public relations doesn’t end with the press. It extends to everyone you want to reach or has a vested interest in your business – your community, governments, stakeholders, investors. At Scout, we believe a sound PR strategy speaks to all of your external audiences in a meaningful way. That’s why we take a holistic approach to amplify your message and help shape your reputation. Learn how to make the most of your PR program.

Government Relations

Strong government relations strategy opens doors to new customers and partners in both Canada and the US and can get you a seat at the table to influence policies that impact your business.  At Scout, we can help you achieve credible and effective interactions with this key stakeholder at any stage of your business growth.  We’ll help you understand the environment and develop and communicate your position, all while building effective relationships with decision-makers and allies who can help advocate for you.  Learn how to get the most out of your government relations opportunities.

Crisis Management

Issues can turn into a full-blown crisis without proper management, confidence and a clear plan – that’s where we excel. This is a service that guides you through a crisis situation to contain and defuse negative implications to your business. If you want to proactively prepare for the worst or minimize the damage of a rising issue, Scout Public Affairs can help. How do you know when you’re in a crisis? Take our crisis survey to find out.

NEW Communications Blueprint

Communication is central to the success of any organization and rapid growth, organizational changes or restructuring, or fragmented initiatives can interfere with the effectiveness of the entire organization. Scout’s Communications Blueprint assesses your unique communications challenges to make expert recommendations to address gaps and maximize opportunities. Scout’s Communications Blueprint process starts with a multifaceted 360-degree assessment of the current state of your organization’s communications.  Then, through research and comprehensive analysis, we prepare a custom Blueprint with specific recommendations on communications policies, processes, tools and resource allocation to best achieve your communication objectives.

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