Scout Training Programs

NEW Communications Professional Development Program

Exceptional communicators are not trained in classrooms, they are developed through practice and a great deal of experience. The most effective communications and media techniques are not found in a chapter of a book, they are learned through trial and error. This program is intended to minimize the cycle of trial and error by sharing examples and providing practical tools, assembled from a nearly twenty-year career working in high pressure, intense media relations and corporate communications.

The training will teach your team how to confidently manage media requests, pitch stories, and effectively prepare, coach and support your spokespeople. While effective for those early in their career in media relations, the program is geared towards communications professionals with a strong foundation in media relations and communications to refine and enhance their skillset and further build credibility with their key stakeholders by applying techniques that will build their personal brand as an executive coach.

Media Training

Are you making the most of your media interview opportunities or are you simply answering the questions? Is the interview a blur and the outcome uncertain? If so, it’s time to learn the unwritten rules of media relations and take control of your message. We offer one-one executive media training as well as a train the trainer program for support staff to learn how to coach spokespeople. Take a look at our top 5 tips to improve your media interviews.

Crisis Management Workshop with Live Scenario-Based Training

Is your team prepared for a crisis in your business? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know,’ you are at risk. Studies show companies with a crisis plan in place that is tested regularly are more likely to survive a crisis. If you want to protect your business, let us build a custom scenario to train your executive, management and support teams to effectively navigate through a crisis, even when all eyes are on you. Don’t have a crisis plan in place? We can build that too. Contact us to learn more and mitigate the risks facing your business today.

Presentation Skills

Public speaking is recognized as one of the most feared aspects of business communication and can be a barrier to career advancement for some of the most capable and intelligent business professionals. Scout can help remove that barrier by providing expert tips for delivering effective and impactful speeches and presentations. We provide you with the tools and confidence to win over any audience. This training is customized to the audience and can be delivered to a small group or to an individual based on the needs.

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